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What is Dropship?


What is dropship?

Imaging you don't want the headache of dealing with stocks, packing and shipping, looking for warehouse space and handling products return. Dropshipping means you only place an order with us when there is order from your customer. Upon making payment to us for your order, we will ship the products directly to your customers. You can request us to insert your private labels without charge.

Why us?

Moonight Lingerie Co, Ltd is a reputable sexy lingerie manufacturer specializing in lingerie manufacturing and distributions. Due to increasing demands, we were asked to provide dropship service on the fact that a large number of our members are not quite ready for wholesale, especially new business owners. Our aim is to enable more people to own an online store in this competitive world. With our dropship service, everyone can sell! Further, you may be aware that there are a lot of people being cheated by dropshippers on the internet. A lot of them pay tons of money to the so called dropship directories before they could find a real dropshipper to work with (if they are lucky). Very few dropship providers allow a free trial but we are willing to do it as we believe only in long term business relationship.

The features of our dropshipping program are as follows:

  • We dropship our products worldwide.
  • We do not charge dropshipping fee on per order basis but we collect membership fee on yearly basis.
  • You order from us when you have an order from your customer. You decide what price you want to sell.
  • There is no mininum order requirement.
  • No price is shown on the packing slip and we do not insert our contact into the package.
  • Online tracking for Express Service shipping.
  • We offer a 7-day fee trial account.
  • We provide product pictures and catalogues for all paid members.
  • We provide product data feed(with full descriptions) to members who subscribe for 2 years membership and above.
  • We respond promptly to our members' enquiries.
  • We offer discount VIP code for members who are consistent with their orders.
  • You can login to conduct online check for the status of your order.
  • We offer a return policy as described in Return Policy.

We have abundance of stock. If the stock is unexpectedly sold out, we may request to replace the item or refund the amount if the item ordered is unexpectedly out of stock.


Free Product Pictures and Product Catalogues

We will send you our product photos and all the catalogues with dropship pricing once you have made payment for the membership fees. With a complete list of the pricing, it is easy for you to quote your customers and with the pictures you can readily list them onto your website, without having to copy one by one from our site and edit them.

Free Product Data Feed with 2 years subscription and above

We will provide with our product data feed with full product descriptions in HTML or Word format for members who paid for 2 years subscription and above.


Nicely Enhanced Packaging for All Orders

We send out the items to your customers in nice gift wrap packaging below with no additional cost.


How do I Start?

Click the "Subscribe Now" button below to register an account. You can choose to have a 7-day free trial account to test out if this work for you.

If you decide that this is the right business model for you, you can choose to become a full member. To obtain a full member dropship account, there is a membership fee involved as follows:

Membership Fee for Dropship Account
1 Year membership Fee - US$25.00
2 Year Membership Fee - US$38.00
5 Year Membership Fee - US$60.00
Life Time Membership Fee - US$120.00

(Important: Please indicate your registered user ID in the remark when making payment via Paypal.)

If you have already registered as a dropship member but would like to pay or renew for the membership fee, please click here



  • The free trial account will expire after 7 days if the membership fee is not received. During the free trial period, you can log in to your member's area to make payment for the membership fee. Payment can be made via Paypal or via Visa or Master card upon request. Please send an email to   if you have problem making payment.
  • Membership fee is fully refundable if the aggregate amount your ordered items exceeds US$250 - in any consecutive 3 month's period.
  • The membership fee paid is non-refundable except for the situation mentioned in note 2.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at   and approach our dropship experts if you would like to know more how our dropship program can help benefit your business.

To your dropship success!


Dropship Division
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